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Sheet Metal Building Products

NorWesCo's complete line of galvanized building products are strong, easy to install, and come with a lifelong guarantee of durability. Our building products include gutter, downspout and fittings, roof flashings and valley, venting products, custom-made window wells, and a variety of other products to suit your building needs.

Plastic Products

We offer two different styles and sizes of plastic roof vents, two styles of pour-in foundation vents, which include an adjustable foundation vent with adjustable thickness. Ridge-top vents, roof cap vents, gable vents and foundation vent wells are just some of the vents offered in our versatile product line. To complete this line, we also carry flexible sealant in four colors, cardboard pier pads and plastic beam blockouts.

Galvanized Ware & Wheelbarrows

Our garbage cans come in an assortment of sizes that are both functional and made from top quality materials. Garbage cans and pails come in several different weights to serve your every need: household, medium, and extra heavy weight. This product line also includes a variety of tubs, mailboxes, and a heavy duty contractor wheelbarrow.

Stove Pipe & Wood Burning Products

Single wall painted matte black pipe and fittings, stainless steel chimney liners, and blue pipe and fittings are guaranteed to provide you with the design and quality you demand. Let us guide you in selecting the appropriate product for your application.

Furnace Pipe & Fittings

A vast array of HVAC products such as galvanized pipe and elbows, rectangular duct and fittings, and flat sheets in a variety of lengths, are available for your contractual needs. We also specialize in plenum and cap packages as well as furnace stand and bottom packages.